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Three Medicial Platforms, a variety of SBP ( target peptide )

Platform 1 : X1 Small Molecule drugs for all Tumors Treatment

X1 Features :

1. Oral drugs applicable for all tumors

2. Highly effective and less toxic

3. It can be used to treat patients with residual cancer tissue after surgery or have been transferred.

4. It can also be used as an adjuvant for chemotherapy and immunotherapy


Head and neck cancer ( Oral cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer ) Brain cancer, lung cancer, lung adenocarcinoma, stomach cancer, liver cancer,Pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer Bladder cancer, kidney cancer ………

Platform 2 : A3, A11 Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Features and Opportunities :

1. Accurate detection of lung cancer tumors

2. The radiation is small as LDCT

3. Earlystage lung cancer micro tumors can be detected for early treatment

4. No lung invasive examination is required

5. No need to do X-ray or LDTC tracking detection often

6. LDCT diagnosis can be assisted

7. It can be targeted to link Pacific paclitaxel for treatment to reduce the toxicityof chemotherapy drugs to normal cells

9. Huge market potential

Platform 3 : Magic Bullet Therapy (Best Therapy for Metastatic Cancer)

Using the navigation Jc virus shell as a carrier, specific plasmids carrying suicidal genes are used to enter specific cancer cells for treatment. The method can be used as a platform for treating various metastatic cancers.

PSAtk-VLP+GCV Enhance 100 times effect of targeted treatment(Bladder cancer test effect)

Peptide‑guided JC polyomavirus‑like particles specifically target bladder cancer cells for gene therapy

Wei‑Hong Lai, Chiung‑Yao Fang, Ming‑Chieh Chou, Mien‑Chun Lin, Cheng‑Huang Shen, Chun‑Nun Chao, Yeong‐Chin Jou, Deching Chang* & Meilin Wang

此圖是攝護腺癌用PSA+VLP+GCV 治療與目前賀爾蒙療法比較